Stitch Weekend (Part 1)

The weekend started out promising. (To reduce the typing requirements, I will eliminate DF from people's names but know that each of them is a DF to me.) Heather and I met Jean, Judy and Ann at Bead's By Design in Marietta for some bead shopping. Everyone scored some beads, except me. I refrained due to my current bead stash and moving anticipation. From the bead shop we went to the Marietta Diner to start the gluttony of food consumption. I had a tasty Caribbean Monte Cristo sandwich and fries.

We had a bit of time to kill after lunch - before we were expected at Vicky's. What to do, what to do? We could get a pedicure....hmmm, yes....let's get pedicures. Heather, Judy and I found Fantasy Nails while driving down Barrett Parkway. Judy and Heather enjoyed pedicures while I settled for a manicure. All were very lovely and at a good price. Then it was straight to Vicky's.

Several of us started out making knitting stitch markers. Mine are for my Mmmmalabrigo Magic Yarn Ball swap - pictures will be later as this is a surprise. The stitch markers were followed up by knitting, stitching, show and tell, general talking, some bitching, and a lot of laughing.

We kept the evening reasonable and those of us not staying at Vicky's left by 9:30. I had high hopes of getting sleep over the weekend but even though I arrived home at a reasonable hour there were several things that I "needed" to find/gather/organize - including one set of ornament kits for my Hands To Work ornament. Here it is after finishing by the talented Vicky.
1:00am - to bed with me.

Saturday morning (I'm already dragging) but breakfast included Cathy's fabulous homemade cinnamon and praline rolls. Fresh from the oven and dripping with icing, they were such a treat!
If only this was a scratch-n-sniff blog...

After getting good and sugared up Andy, Heather, Jean, Judy, Ann and I headed to Hancock to check out beads - Andy and Jean wanted to learn how to make a right angle weave bracelet. It just so happened that I was wearing a solid black shirt and decided that I "needed" some black beads to make a necklace for future wearing of this black shirt - plus the beads were all 30% off. I managed to find some. I also scored some nice Christmas fabric (also on sale) to use to finish my surprise ornament. Hancock had a decent selection, but we needed czech fire polish for the right angle weave bracelets - so off to Joann's we go. I was doing good until this point. Then I just went crazy. Here's an overview of everything I came home with.
Necklace, 2 bracelets, and anklet. I have some items already that I'll add to these to complete.

We inhaled feasted on enjoyed some wonderful chicken salad for lunch and forged ahead with projects.

Andy and Jean (instructed by Heather) started their right angle weave bracelets - and I decided to add the beads to my Three Penny Fob by Indigo Rose. I stitched this 4 years ago...and finally added the beads and finished it into a fob - weighted with 3 shiny 2008 pennies!
Andy and Jean completed their right angle weave bracelets in record time - this is such a fun, quick pattern!

 be continued...


geeky Heather said...

How were you to resist a 40% off sale on beads?? Really, blogland...she's forgiven, right?? =)

Jean in Georgia said...

Seriously fun weekend. Beads. Stitching. Knitting. Food. Friends. It was all there. Would have been perfect if Teresa had been there, but it was pretty darn good.

Jennie said...

What a FUN weekend!
Can you send some cinnamon muffins my way please?! That looks YUMMY!