A Stitcher's Gathering - Louisville, KY

I spent a fabulous weekend in Louisville at A Stitcher's Gathering sponsored by Moss Creek Designs with friends and acquaintances. It started on Thursday and we were all excited to visit our favorite local restaurant Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

But suddenly the weather had other ideas... We entered the restaurant to the sound of the tornado sirens and had no sooner put our name in for a table when the manager informed us that there was a tornado warning and we must go to the basement. This was unexpected, but we made due and staved off hunger by sharing entrees with 30 or so complete strangers.

Judy and Heather making the best of it!

Ann and Teresa have scoped out the dessert rack in case of emergency.

Our time in the dungeon expired and the restaurant treated us to dinner. If you have never eaten at Lynn's (ha - most of you reading this were with me I know)...but the food is fantastic and the atmosphere unusual and memorable. Lynn's has an annual Ugly Lamp Contest and the decor includes many entrants.

Soon we were ordering!

...to be continued...

A Frosty Finish!

Hmmm...how long has it been since I finished stitching something? Wow - that would have to be an ornament for the exchange, so probably July! Luckily these ornaments stitch up quickly. All of my other projects seem to be years coming close to lifers.

This is Roly Poly Snowman. I got him in the 2007 ornament exchange from DF Teresa - Teresa stitched and kitted him as her Surprise ornament. He was so cute that I couldn't wait to stitch him and actually started only two weeks ago when I was visiting DF Teresa.

Now to find some perfect fabric for finishing...

Pumpkins, pumpkins!

This weekend I went to the North Georgia Mountains with The Tagliatelas in search of pumpkins. And we found them!

Burt's Pumpkin Patch is loaded with pumpkins of all sizes and colors.

I guess you could say that I embraced fall (well it was a little warm, but let's just call it fall) and this helped me get into the spirit.

Don't worry, though, I'm still mourning the death of summer and wearing my sandals as long as possible!

We all found some pumpkins to enjoy.

Some big, some small.

This is Melia with "Mama Pumpkin" or actually in Melia-speak it's "Mama Punkin" and "Baby Punkin".

The colors were great and the types were very interesting.

These are pumpkins, gourds and who knows what else?

We had a great time! This is me with Melia (left) and Riley (right).

After The Pumpkin Patch, we went to the top of Amacolola Falls and had lunch at the Lodge. Here is the view from the top. Not a lot of color yet, but I'm sure that it will be coming in soon.