Squirreling Projects Away

I have decided to put my condo on the market sometime in the near future. I figure that I'm about a month out from being able to do that...but I've started packing up my "extra" stuff to make it look like a normal person with a normal amount of stuff lives here and that the common Dick or Jane can live here normally as well. Yes, this is going to take some serious effort.

I've started with the craft stuff lovelies because that is the area that I have gone overboard and my mother is coming on Saturday - and let's face it...none of us wants our mothers to see exactly how much stash we have. She has a hint of knowledge, but it's nowhere close to reality and I want to keep it that way. There are 3 space bags full of yarn in my living room as I type this.
The question is how many projects/yarn should I leave out to make sure that I have ample to work on for the next 6 months but, again, that it looks like a normal person lives here? In reality, 2 or 3 is probably enough. I'm not the fastest knitter in the world and I'm also going to have a few stitching projects out as well. But...I keep thinking "maybe I should keep this one more out" except I think this over, and over, and this is where I'm probably in trouble. So I need some clear heads to tell me what's reasonable. Clear heads - are you out there?!

I guess that I need to put down what I have in black and white. OK, here goes.
  1. Jill-Walkers socks (in progress)
  2. Shrug (in progress, 5%)
  3. Medallion Capelet (in progress, probably 90% complete)
  4. Collinette Shawl (lace project not started)
  5. Monkey Socks (not started)
  6. Melia's poncho (in progress)
  7. Clapotis (not started)
  8. Malabrigo Lace (project TBD)
  9. 2 Hello Kitty washcloths (not started)
  10. Jitterbug (project TBD)
  11. Baby blanket (not started but must be completed by Dec)
  12. Herringbone Block Shawl
Wow...I actually didn't realize that I had that many I was keeping. It doesn't seem like much when you're choosing. Is it too much? If so, what should I hibernate?


TeresaB said...

Not sure I'm a clear head, but here goes.

First, I'd hibernate anything that you have listed as "project TBA". That gets you down to 10. If you feel like you want it to be closer to 5, which is probably more reasonable, given how we are here's what I'd keep.

1. Jill-Walkers
2. Medallion Capelet
3. Shrug
4. Baby blanket
5. one other project of your choice (I'd go for another pair of socks)

Then keep 5 stitching projects. If nothing else it will make you work on those projects and you'd get the blanket finished by the due date.

Jennie said...

Ok, I needed a few days to think about this. Maybe you packed everything up already....
I would pack everything except for the objects you have already started and the baby blanket you need as a gift. Think about it, you could have 5 completed projects by the time you are ready to unpack everything and then you could start something new! Wouldn't that feel great?! :)

Jean in Georgia said...

Here's my suggestion: Stash extra at my house so you can access it when you want to.

You've seen my craft room. A little more won't hurt.

geeky Heather said...

LOL at Jean....

I like T's suggestion, except I would add one "TBA" to the pile, because your Medallion Capelet is sooo close. The "new" could be the reward for finishing it.

Or, you know, you could always buy something new to start when that's done. 'Cause, you know, otherwise you wouldn't buy any more stash for six months...right?? =)