Squirreling Projects Away - The Results

Many thanks to all of you who offered advice! I really did try to pack up as much as I could. Stop laughing, I made an honest effort. And as time goes on, other projects may get packed away also...but here is what I have squirreled away for knitting:
  1. Jill-Walkers socks (hopefully I can finish soon)
  2. Shrug
  3. Medallion Capelet (I really want to be able to wear this in October)
  4. Collinette Shawl (because I really want to start a lace project)
  5. Monkey Socks (because I can't just have one project of socks)
  6. Melia's poncho (hopefully Melia can wear this in October)
  7. Clapotis (because is going to be my Olympic project - so here's hoping that I can finish it!)
  8. Baby blanket (not started but must be completed by Dec)
I didn't post stitching options, so I had to make decisions on the fly. Don't forget that I'm planning for a long market time so I needed some seasonal pieces to get me through. Here are the stitching projects that I have squirreled away:
  1. Royal Blossoms (Just Nan - about 25%)
  2. Patricia Ann (Indigo Rose - maybe 20%)
  3. Three Penny Scissor Fob (Indigo Rose - all stitched just need to assemble)
  4. Pansy For Lynn beaded scissor fob (Tomorrow's Antiques - 80%)
  5. Summer Garden Gate (Moss Creek Designs - 30%)
  6. Nantucket Violet Basket Band (Chatelaine Designs - probably 30% on just the band)
  7. Pumpkin Harvest (Moss Creek Designs - I'm determined to finish this fall)
  8. Needlepoint Snowman Ornament (ok, this is really optimistic)
  9. Wooly Winter (Shepherd's Bush - 40% at least)
  10. Quaker Turtles (With My Needle)
I am optimistic that by focusing on just these projects I might actually finish some of them.

One of the reasons that I squirreled away this many stitching projects is that this coming weekend a bunch of my stitching friends and I are getting together for our annual "Stitch Weekend" and ornament exchange. Three days of stitching! There are no official rules that knitting is not allowed, but I plan to focus on stitching. Actually, there really aren't any official rules except to have fun. I'm looking forward to it very much.

For those of you keeping score at home, I have not completed by surprise ornament. I really do like the pressure of the deadline because it's really behind now. So I'm off to work on that now.