One Down, One To Go

Happy Dance! I finished my 1st ornament! These rules are grueling, but they are definitely working.

This is Christmas Holly from the 2007 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue.

For those of you reading who aren't involved, I am part of a group of stitchers who are assigned ornaments from the magazine to stitch and "record" the amount of materials used. Then make a certain number of kits to exchange for other ornament kits. It's a lot of fun, but I'm such a procrastinator that I seem to have to kill myself at the end to get everything done.

So I have one more ornament to stitch - it's a surprise so the other stitchers don't know which one they are getting. After stitching it, I have to make the kits for both. And I have exactly 2 weeks left - the ornament exchange will take place during our annual stitch weekend starting July 25. I think that I can do it with a minimal amount of stress.

Lessons for next year - I am not picking ANY 32 count over one ornaments to stitch or receive!


Jean in Georgia said...

It's beautiful!!!! :) I'm so looking forward to getting that kit.

geeky Heather said...

That is GORGEOUS!!! Why, oh why, did I not write down that I wanted that kit???

Oh, yeah...I think it was the over-one-on-32-count. ;)