Yarn Spree

On Friday, DF Heather and I went to LKS Knitch to end my stash enhancement drought suffering self-imposed diet for Lent. I took the day off as a comp day for extra time that I put into my latest project at work.

Actually, before we arrived at Knitch we lunched at
American Roadhouse in the Virginia-Highlands area.

Heather had pancakes, a huge slab of ham and I had a monte cristo sandwich with sweet potato "straws". PLUS - we shared a veggie plate with sweet potato souffle, squash casserole, glazed carrots and mashed cauliflower. The squash casserole was my fav!

We then proceeded to put Amex back in the black...well, I did at least. Heather was very good and only used birthday credit for her stash enhancement. I actually brought a list, with purposeful purchases in mind. That didn't work out like I planned.

These are "Heather's fault"! On the left is Malabrigo Lace - in a beautiful orchid purple, a little on the pink side. And Claudia's Handpainted Yarn in Midnight beside the ML on the right. They are both very lovely. She forced them on me - right into my hands...what was I supposed to do???!

I also purchased an Araucania Ranco because this
yarn spoke to me. It was actually causing a scene
so I had to pick it up before strange looks occurred. After purchase, I looked over at Nell winding yarn and saw her with a yarn that made my heart stop while I thought "whose yarn is that?!" and then I realized that it was mine!!! Such a good feeling!

BTW - does anyone have a pronunciation guide for Araucania?!

I also bought some sale Artyarns Ultramerino to make 1 or 2 Chemo Caps for the Yarn Harlot - who visits Knitch next Sunday, April 6. Something for a chemo cap was on my list...and this is a very nice aqua variegated that I think anyone would love. I have to get right on to making these!!!

Also on my list was something to make the Fishnet Scarf - from Interweave Knits Summer 2007. I found this, and fell in love with the pinks. It's very springlike.

It's Manos silk blend - by Manos del Uruguay, 30% silk and 70% Merino Extrafine Wool.

I also purchased 4 skeins or Noro Silk Garden for an Entrelac Scarf.
Entrelac is one technique that I want to learn this year. Of course, it could be argued that by the time I made it to the 2nd floor where the "wall of Noro" is, I had enough purchases but no one made that argument.

And so, I found more Noro Silk Garden for my Herringbone Block Shawl (pictures coming soon).

These don't match on purpose. Each block on the shawl can be its own color combo, it's a great effect that I didn't understand until I saw it. Heather's is far along, you can see hers here if you'd like to get an idea.

Sum Total (of yarn, not money!!!):

Heather was loving the Malabrigo Lace she found.

"Mmmmmm, soft......"

We did have time for some knitting after the shopping. Heather was working on her Errant Lace Sock and I on the Herringbone Block Shawl.

It was a great day! We tapped it off with dinner at Spoon. Then I rolled myself home and fell into bed completely exhausted!

And Mother Nature Laughed

It's Spring! It is!! The calendar says so! Easter is over, white shoes are acceptable and it is Spring!

But when I looked out the window at the office today, it was snowing. I live in Atlanta - the SOUTH and it was snowing today. Now, nothing stuck to the ground or even to the cars...but there was snow coming down.

You may not be able to tell from my writing, but I was not happy. This is seriously ruining my plans to wear sandals. Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny and in the 70's. Tonight we have a freeze warning. Mother Nature, much to my chagrin, does have a wicked sense of humor.

Happy Easter and an Overdue Happy Dance

I have been very quiet blog-wise this last 4 weeks. Work has been crazy, life has been crazy and I was plain wore out! Things are starting to return to normal, so I hope to get caught up soon.

I hope that everyone had a Happy Easter. It started out very chilly here, but turned into a great day. I went to church and spent the afternoon with Vicki, Scott and the girls. We had a fabulous Easter dinner with ham, mac & cheese, roasted asparagus, and glazed carrots. I can't think of anything that would have made it better!

Here are Riley and Melia in their beautiful Easter dresses!

Their dolls Molly and Julie (not pictured) have the same dresses. Too cute!

Back at the end of Feb, I knit and even finished (I know!) a scarf for DF Heather.

It is KnitPicks' Potato Chip Scarf in Quellon (a hand dyed Araucania Yarn from Chile). I found the yarn at an after Christmas sale at LKS Yarn Garden and fell in love with it.

I daresay that Heather liked it, she donned it immediately and (I believe) kept it on throughout the birthday dinner for herself and DF Linda.

It was a fun knit - even if I did have to cast off some 800+ stitches. :-)