One of my Other Obsessions

Several of you that I know IRL know that I love to scrapbook but don't get nearly enough time to do it. It's much easier to stitch or knit on something for an hour - which is all I have very often - than it is to scrap/crop. In my world (and yours may be completely different), I have to decide what pictures I'm going to scrap and then get out all of my supplies and look through magazines for ideas. Once I have the idea, then there's the time to create it, lay it out, glue it down. I am not known as a speed demon in any of my crafts, but I have to be in the snail category for scrapbooking.

I had taken a long break from scrapbooking - this can be attributed to several physical injuries and recoveries (that we probably don't need to rehash). Then, way back in May (while I was still in my boot from surgery), I went on a weekend scrapbook retreat. Being on crutches slowed me down from my snail's pace but I had a lot of fun and my love of scrapbooking came back strong. Since then I have been trying to get organized or reorganized to get back to it. The first weekend in August I attended the Create.Crop.Cure (a 12 hour crop to support the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk) with two good friends, Vicki and Alisa. We had a lot of fun and I managed to get a few spreads done as well.

I didn't have any firm plans for Labor Day weekend and was very jealous when Vicki told me that she would be scrapping all day Friday. Then I spoke to her Friday night and she invited me over to join her and Jennifer for scrapping on Saturday.

I'd like to share one of the two (yes two - I said I was slow) spreads that I got done on Saturday. This is of my nephew, Nicholas. I'm very pleased with the way that it turned out.