The Yarn Harlot Cometh!

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot came to Atlanta and my LYS Knitch. Knitch got us all warmed up by drawing raffle tickets. Warmed up may not accurately describe the experience, it was more like feeding the frenzy of knitters who were patiently waiting to meet Stephanie. I, sadly, did not win anything but Jean won some beautiful yarn and Linda won twice (a t-shirt and gift certificate). The evening was still a win for me though. The Yarn Harlot was extremely funny, I made progress on some knitting projects and I enjoyed the company of great friends. The Yarn Harlot is holding my first finished sock (previously pictured).

I even made the infamous Yarn Harlot Blog with my first sock.

And here is my wonderful group of friends who came to enjoy the evening.

This helped jump start me into knitting projects again. It's a good time of year to knit also - well it will be soon.

Finishes - Old and New

I can't explain the motivation, but something led me to get out these stitched pieces

Just Nan's Last Stitches of 1999


Just Nan's Evening Star

and finish the mounting and put them into frames. I know, I know...what a concept. Both pieces have been finished for years and I'm embarrassed to say that they had a long time to wait to be framed. They came out beautiful and I'm happy to have them hanging on the wall now.

Earlier this month I finished knitting my first sock

It was very fun and I've already started the one to match it - maybe by winter it will be finished!