April Recap

At the beginning of April, I listed my goals for the month. I'm almost afraid, but let's look back and see how I did.

  1. Finish Chemo Cap for Yarn Harlot (by April 6) Completed April 6
  2. Finish 2nd Medallion of Medallion Capelet Completed April 14
  3. Finish stitching Hands To Work Ornament
  4. Finish 2nd sock
  5. Complete 3 blocks on Herringbone Block Shawl Completed April 26
  6. Dust off Watergarden (Amazon project) and do something on it!
  7. Complete 2 bands on Patricia Ann
I have to admit that it was a very optimistic set of goals. Especially since I did end up having the MRI on my ankle and finding out that I was having surgery on April 28. I really lost that last week of the month, and everyone knows that I need the last week of any project/deadline to get something done.

The Herringbone Block Shawl to date

I didn't get my 2nd sock finished in April, but I can Happy Dance now!!!

I know that the stripes are not symmetrical in terms of color, but that's part of the quirkiness of these socks. Yay...my first socks are complete. I'm very, very excited about moving on to a more difficult pattern and one of the lovely yarns that I have purchased since starting these. My next pair are going to be Jill-Walkers. When DF Jean sent me the link....I knew that it had to be them!

I don't believe that I did a SINGLE stitch in April. So the rest of May and June there is going to be some serious stitching going on.

Now...do I dare try to come up with goals for the rest of May?


Jean in Georgia said...

Congrats on the first socks (and the newly repaired ankle you can use to dance in them)!

Heather said...

YAY SOCKS!! They look awesome!

See, I think you really accomplished most of your goals...

Total April Weeks = AprilWeek * 3 + LastWeekApril

LastWeekApril = AprilWeek * 3 (because you're way more productive the last week)

Total April Weeks = AprilWeek * 3 + AprilWeek * 3 = AprilWeek * 6

Jill's April = Total April Weeks - LastWeekApril = AprilWeek * 3

Jill's goals / week = 3 / AprilWeek * 3 = 1 goal/AprilWeek

If you extrapolate out what you would have done if you'd had all the weeks in April...

1 goal/AprilWeek * 6 * AprilWeeks = 6 goals!

Go you! Bwahahahahaaaa... (Jean, don't think about it!)

Jennie said...

There is a reason why I never was good at math and figuring equations. Heather's comment has me cross eyed! :)
I missed your last post for some reason. The Hipster is my favorite Vera bag. I have used mine to death. You will love it!!
And YEAH on the socks, they look awesome!! I like that the stripes aren't perfect. It gives them character.