Getting Back To Normal

I'm getting back to normal after my ankle surgery. Two weeks ago I spent the entire weekend getting myself and my condo ready for post-surgical occupancy - no time for frivolous blogging. A lot of clean up, some cooking and some errand running were required. Not to mention a Vera Bradley purchase inspired by Jean in the "boo hoo me, I have to have surgery and therefore I deserve this new purse and wallet" category.
The surgery went well, I finally feel like I'm on the road to healing. I go back to the Dr next week so I'll have an update on the rest of my treatment then. For now, it's the old RICE principal. I'm trying to keep my foot elevated as much as possible but it makes things like knitting and stitching a little more difficult! In case anyone cares, here's my lovely (and fashionable) boot next to my "normal" leg for perspective.
Keep your fingers crossed that I will be off of the crutches next week - that will be a huge help! Thanks to all of my DF's who have helped me out - Vicki, Andy, Heather, Jean, Cathy.

Cathy brought some lovely cut roses from her garden. They smelled so wonderful (as well as being beautiful). Anytime I or anyone else walked by them the entire room smelled like a rose garden.

Jean, Richard and Oscar sent me some lovely purple flowers. This picture was just taken today and they are over a week old!

Over the weekend I went with BFF Vicki Tag to a Scrapbook Retreat. I've done several multi-crop days, but this one was different as all 12 of us "croppers" stayed at the house. There was cropping going on at all hours of the day and night. I think that I got to bed at 2am and 3am Friday and Saturday (or should I say Saturday and Sunday?).

This is myself, BFF Vicki and DF Jennifer - early in the weekend, so we were very alert and not yet sleep deprived.

Karen (who owns the house) had a wonderful setup. Her large basement had room for 12 of these large tables, a full kitchen, bath and bedroom that slept 4. Vicki, Jennifer, Melissa and I stayed on this level - given that I was on crutches we didn't have much choice. The other 8 ladies stayed upstairs where I believe that there were 2 bedrooms and another bath. Karen had several places for us to display our beautiful pages after finishing them. In this picture, the top 4 are Vicki's and the bottom 4 are mine. I quickly lost steam after that and only ended up completing 8 total pages.

See anyone you recognize?

This week it was back to work full time. And just when the weather was "painfully beautiful" - that is the line that my hair stylist Adam used last night. It really was way too nice to be stuck at work, but I couldn't do much outside with this boot anyway...

I think that we're all caught up now.


Jean in Georgia said...

Good choice of present to yourself with the Vera purse and wallet! :) The boot isn't totally unattractive... remember that it's serving a purpose. {{Jill}}