A Great Day

Sunday was a great day! It started with DF Andy and brunch at American Roadhouse (crunchy french toast with sugar, cinnamon and caramel sauce). We then met up with DF Jean and her DH Richard, and DF Heather for Georgia's largest knit in.

Here we are knitting (no, we are not in an alley, we are in a real neighborhood theater).

DF Cathy arrived just in time to hear/see the Yarn Harlot. There were so many funny things, I cannot possibly remember them all. She did speak at length about the misjudgment that us knitters receive from non-knitters - including "them" thinking that we are old, bored, poor, and lonely. Of course, we know the truth! She also told her story of the 14 km trek from the cabin in the woods to the small general store for beer and toilet paper. I did not find that strange at all, these are necessities in my life!

Stephanie signed books back at Knitch
She looks very awake considering the long day she had already had!

During the knit in, I finished the Chemo Cap and donated to Stephanie - Knitch had a nice arrangement on display.

The dark blue/green hat next to mine is from DF Heather.

While at Knitch we did some shopping. I managed to hold my credit card back, after the damage I did last time...it needed a rest. But I enjoyed looking at the yarns with everyone else.

Cathy, Andy and I went to Zocalo for some noisy but "creative" mexican. The food was fantastic and the beer was cold!

Like I said, a great day! The only downside was the amount of time on my feet, my stupid ankles are paying for it today....


Jean in Georgia said...

I can attest that a fun time was had by all (although I still don't think Richard really "gets" it.... he did like the part about the Buddhist Monks tho).