Extreme Gingerbread Houses

I spent a great day with friends, food (there was a little food that didn't contain sugar) and gingerbread houses! This is a tradition with My StitchGroup and I have been lucky enough to participate the last three years. At the end of every year (this year being no exception), we all decide that we're going to prepare better for next year with lots of ideas and lists and pictures and gingerbread house consultants...and then we show up and fly by the seat of our pants.

I did come with the idea of decorating my house with as much purple as possible. I know, it's a shock. I love the way that my house came out and am enjoying not only the beauty but the wonderful aroma that greets me when I open my door.

The white blob on the left is my cotton candy snowman...which has gone the way of most southern snowmen. It's true that they don't like the heat. Note to self: research proper snowman material and construction for 2008.

It does take a village, and here are some shots of ours:

The Red and White in the front is Debbie G's and on the right is Ramona's Fruit Loop Fantasy.

On the right here is Andy's Country Cottage (with nay a speck of gingerbread showing), next door to Sweet Steepleless Chapel by Debbie B. The chapel sustained some early earthquake damage, but repairs were quickly executed.

Front right is Vicky's Creation and back center is Angela's Sugar Dreamhouse. A good time (and good sugar high) was had by all!

After we were sugared up, we all went out to celebrate Angela and Andy's December birthdays. We had some delicious food at Copeland's.

And....you guessed it! More chocolate and sugar!


TeresaB said...

All the houses look fantastic. Too bad about the snowman in your front yard. Poor southern snowman. I'm proud of the amount of sugar you all ate Saturday. You did the group proud!

Heather said...

I've got one word for your snowman: marzipan. Actually, I have another two: rolled fondant. But the marzipan's going to be easier to find and work with.

I'm jealous of all the pretty houses. Hopefully next year I can get the tree earlier and be able to come!

Jean in Georgia said...

I enjoyed observing house construction... Debbie Boys' house earthquake was certainly not to be missed! :) Glad you got pictures.