Christmas Wrap Up

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday. My already tight schedule was thrown a looey in the form of a sinus infection - which surfaced on Sat night. As a result, I didn't get any Christmas cards out and I ended up wrapping gifts at the last possible (well almost) minute on Christmas Eve.

I did manage to get to Enchanted with Vicki, Riley and Melia. That was a wonderful movie and we all enjoyed it. Patrick Dempsey is so yummy!

On Christmas Eve Mom, Dad and I went to Vicki's to join them for the Children's Service. That was interesting, restless, noisy and typical. We all agreed that the choir director must've had to use the restroom at the end - we flew through Joy To The World in about 30 seconds to end the service. We enjoyed her family's company and exchanged gifts that night. Vicki sewed a beautiful table runner and pillow to match and then instructed me to get shopping for a new dining room table. It's beautiful, and I hope that I have a beautiful table to display it on sometime soon! BTW - for those following along, Vicki loved her scarf but I did not get a picture of her with it (bad Dobby!).

Christmas Day was spent at my brother's. Nicholas is 16 months, so he doesn't understand that Santa was coming but he did enjoy the many trucks that he received. "Truck" is his favorite word and apparently his favorite thing. So there was a lot of truck playing before he conked out - with unopened gifts waiting. We had pork tenderloin for dinner and our friends Erik, Rachel and Dominic (their 6 month old) joined our family. It was a great day, even though I wanted to lay down and sleep for most of it.

I'm finally feeling better and hoping to enjoy this weekend. Along with the 0 Christmas Cards that were sent, I stitched and knitted on 0 items. I hope to rectify that stat this weekend also!


Jean in Georgia said...

Poor baby! But now the holiday stress is over and you can just chill....