December Stress Is On

The Yarn Harlot is both cracking me up and stressing me out. She is zooming ahead of schedule - although I agree that posting about it does call attention to the knitting gods - and I am sitting here wondering when I will ever find time to knit!!

I have already given up hope for Nicholas to have a sweater by Christmas. Fortunately, he does not read the calendar yet so I have that going for me.

If I would just knit 8 rows/night on Vicki's scarf it would be done in no time. Why don't I do it?!!! Last night I got home at 8:00 and had to shove some food in my mouth and do dishes (from Sunday) before 9:00 so that I could watch Heroes. Knitting is not allowed during Heroes - too much attention is required to both and both would just end unhappily.

My tree is up, but it is not decorated. Decorations are at my place, but not up. I have written 0 Christmas cards - haven't even bought stamps!!! I have 3 pillows with stitching complete just waiting to be finished-finished. Now would be the time to do that.

*whine* I want to be enjoying myself!


Jean in Georgia said...

See, having given up on this decorating thing, I have much less stress....