Christmas Finishes

A grand, festive, Christmas-style happy dance for my beautiful finishes! I have to credit DF Jean with the motivation that I needed to get these out and finally finish them. The stitching on these has been done at least 6 months, but for some reason I couldn't get myself to do the finishing work. Now here they are and just in time for me to enjoy during the holidays.

The first three are from Trail Creek Farm. This one was part of our annual JCS Ornament exchange - I believe this is from 2004.

I fell in love with this one so much that I had to do the others as they came out.

Luckily, I think that the distance of the photo does not permit too close of an inspection of my finishing work. I am definitely not a seamstress, and yes - even buttons are a challenge.

This Jeannette Douglas Needleroll Ornament was part of our 2006 JCS Ornament Exchange in July. I chose it because of the purple, naturally. I have one more finish that I hope to have soon - I gave it to Vicky to finish since it required a circle and is more of a challenge than these. Perhaps I'll have time to stitch something else in the Christmas theme before the actual day arrives.


TeresaB said...

They are all so pretty! Congrats on the finishing.

Jean in Georgia said...

Glad to be of help. They're gorgeous!!!

jrudy62 said...

Beautiful finishes... now if I could just remember where I put all those magazines when I moved.....MAYBE I can get something done this year... (LOL hysterically)