Shawl Relay Scratched, Scarf Stroke Added

Well my friends, all of this knitting caught up with me proving once again that I am human. I really like to deny that fact, but this body won't let me. After a huge surge over the weekend on the clapotis the tendinitis in my elbow flared up, my neck is having muscle spasms, and I've had two horrible days with allergy issues. All of this has led me to withdraw from the shawl relay. I'm very excited about the progress on my clap and I promise that I will continue on at a more normal pace.

Still...I didn't want to be left out of the Ravelympics so once they reopened sign ups, I jumped on the chance to "compete" in the Scarf Stroke.

Here's the yarn (Misti Alpaca Chunky):

I'm going to be doing the Ribs & Ruffles Scarf from the Misti Alpaca website. This is a Christmas gift, so I'll be doing double duty here. I also hope that this is a more reasonable goal - but we'll see....

I started Monday (Aug 18) and as of tonight (Aug 19) I have 23" knit.

It's funny that the name of the event is Scarf Stroke because the yarn is so soft and yummy that I find myself just wanting to stroke it!

Stay tuned for the finals - hopefully a victorious one!

Plan C: Knit a scarf for Barbie, a preemie hat or preemie booties. I can surely finish one of those by Sunday morning!


Jean in Georgia said...

Woot! Wowsa chick, you're making tremendous progress!! Isn't that an incredibly wonderful pattern?? And I love the yarn. Keep going!!

geeky Heather said...

Even I am experiencing some achy hands, and knitting is only *part* of my Lottlympiad.... I think your substitute event is great! Bet you'll finish that scarf no problem...the three I did for my nieces seemed to go quickly!! That's a beautiful colorway, BTW!

Sharon said...

Doh! I hate knitting related injuries. I'm not competing in the Ravelympics, but I'm madly trying to finish a hat for the niece so I'm currently nursing bruised fingers.

And you know I just have to say, go get a massage. It's what all good Olympians do after before, during and after competing!

Oh yeah, love the scarf!