Scarf Stroke Finish Line & Podium

I did it! I reached the finished line - and in very good time IMHO.

The scarf was finished last night (Wednesday, 8/20) about 11:00pm.

And here's Wisteria who didn't want to be left out of the Olympic and Ravelympic hype:

I was presented my medal at the Scarf Stroke Podium.

An update on the Clapotis - I'm still working on it, but there is no way it can be finished (by me) by Sunday. But stay tuned for periodic updates.


geeky Heather said...

Woo hoo!! Congrats!!!

Jean in Georgia said...

I must say that the Clapotis is very pretty, but I think you made the right choice in changing to this gorgeous, smaller project. Congrats!