What's That Smell?

So I had a slow leaking tire, and I went to Kauffman Tire and (of course) had to purchase a new tire - I can never be lucky enough to have a problem that can be plugged... While I was sitting there waiting on my car, I noticed something unusual.

I know, right? Lavender Scented Tires?! C'mon!

Being the curious person that I am, I had to smell. And it did smell like lavender! Not newly poured tar or rubber or bleak...but lovely lavender!

If you think that I have photoshopped this pic or staged this, or are just curious for more...check out:
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I really don't understand a world where they can put lavender smell into a tire, but are unable to rectify Atlanta traffic!


Heather said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: We can't make drive-through speakers work, but we can make lavendar-scented tires. Let's retask those scientists (sic)!

Jean in Georgia said...

Did you find out the exact purpose of the lavender scented tires? To make the roadkill possums more pleasant?? Enquiring minds want to know!

Jill said...

The salesperson told us (the group in the store) that they were designed to make your garage smell better. I'm sure that no man would want to brag about his nice smelling garage - which is why they are targeted for women... Now if the tires were actually lavender, I might be interested!

Jean in Georgia said...

I'm somehow getting the mental whiff of lavender combined with rubber compound, and it's giving me a headache. Ugh. Sounds like yet another misguided male driven marketing gimmick. (You know they invented high heels and pantyhose just to keep women subservient, don't you? Oh, yeah, and that tagline on feminine product commercials of "Have a happy period". Spoken by those who've never had one.)