Recent Fluff?

Through T's blog, I found this Booking Through Thursday blog. I love books and reading and really wish that I had more time for it - if you check out my good reads list you will see that I'm quite optimistic in my book reading ability.

What’s the lightest, most “fluff” kind of book you’ve read recently?

What is the definition of fluff? The strict definition (to me) means anything superficial, unneccessary, lacking substance. I generally don't read books that wouldn't have some kind of purpose to me. So for this question I'll consider any light, feel good, and more-humor-than-serious books.

After reviewing my recent reads, I realize that I haven't read much fluff this summer. Another indication that I need time at the beach.

I have to pick Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich. I really love these Stephanie Plum books, there is enough action to keep you interested and a whole lot of funny to make you feel good. I don't know a single person who read one of these and didn't like it.

So what's the lightest most "fluff" kind of book that you've read recently?


Jackie said...

I like light easy there is a fair amount of fluff ready by me!

Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner is a recent bit of fluff. Not the author's best effort...