Pink Inspiration

I found the Stitch Pink blog today and I wanted to share it with everyone. This blog is dedicated to stitching (and crafting) for and about the cause. It's a great place to find charts and projects for you to stitch and also for people to share what they have stitched. Check out the beautiful biscornus! I have a serious attraction to biscornus right now.

I also joined the When Pink Matters challenge today. The challenge is for anyone who has been touched by Breast Cancer to stitch at least one pink item by October 31, 2009. Yes, 2009! A whole year away. Maybe with my current biscornu obsession I need to find a pink one. If you have or find a suggestion, please let me know.

Save the Ta-tas!


Jennie said...

Thanks for putting the Breast Cancer awareness button to click on right from your blog. This will help remind me to do it everyday!