Marching To The Madness

The stitching theme for March was March Madness. I'm sure that this phrase is grossly overused, but who are we to mess with the universe? In our world (the world of needlework) March Madness means to knit or stitch (or both for extra madness) on something different every day that you knit or stitch. I believe that we all have our own interpretation of what that means and here's mine: I want to knit/stitch on a bunch of things and if my living room is a disaster of projects worked on then I have succeeded in my goal. It probably would have made more sense to post every day (ha) or even every week with what I had should know by now that I don't make sense.

So here it is....ALL of the MADNESS:

Afghan Square for Victory Junction Gang Camp

Neck of a Teddy Bear Sweater for Charity

2007 JCS Ornament by Hands To Work

Complete 1st Medallion for the Medallion Capelet

2nd sock of my 1st pair

Herringbone Block Shawl
Garter Stitch poncho for Melia
Violet Basket Band
Ruffled Shrug
2007 Surprise Ornament
(I can't show's a Surprise, but I least I gave you something!)
2nd Medallion for Medallion Capelet
Chemo Cap for the Yarn Harlot
(it's curling a lot, hard to get a good picture)

As you can see, I have been spending a lot more time knitting than stitching. That is partially due to ankle recovery - it's a lot easier to knit than stitch in a reclined position. But I have really been enjoying the knitting lately. April will bring more stitching, as I have a few goals to meet...stay tuned for those.


Jean in Georgia said...

Very impressed by those capelet medallions. I'll look forward to getting to mine (sometime after tax season). :) Good job on everything!

Heather said...

That's some awesome Madness!!!