Successful Retreat!

The knitting retreat and getaway weekend was a huge success, IMO. The Lodge was very nice and relaxing to say the least. My room suite was incredible. As a matter of fact, as soon as I checked in I informed everyone that I was never leaving. Thanks to DF Heather for the snaps, since I forgot my camera!
The bathroom was almost as large as the bedroom! I took advantage of the jacuzzi tub Friday night! I took advantage of the chocolate on the pillows every night!!

Friday night we had a wine and cheese get-together and the hostesses handed out many door prizes. Heather won a beautiful purse, I won a large candle:
The candle is not as nice as the purse, but I consider it a win over the bird clock (which I felt sure to win).

Saturday morning was our Herringbone Block class with Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. I didn't completely get the 1st block done, but I did make some progress:
Here are Heather and I with our pieces and the teacher's piece:

Now that I have seen it, I have decided to save my Cherry Tree Hill for another project, the color changes are too often in my CTH. So much for trying to use yarn out of my stash, what was I thinking?!

During our lunch break, we ran out and did some shopping. I found this beautiful shawl pin for the Nicky Epstein Medallion Capelet (guess that I have to finish it now!):
We ran out of shopping time and were even late to the 1st afternoon class. We decided that next year we really need to come early or stay late and enjoy the quaint town of Highlands, NC more. Intarsia was the next class and this class disappointed me in some ways. First, the description had stated that we were going to learn intarsia on a purse pattern. So, I immediately got this color idea in my head (of teal and winter white) and was very excited. But....we did not get a purse pattern - or any other pattern. And by being late, Heather and I were separated from the class at another table.

The last class on Saturday was the Nicky Epstein Medallion Capelet. I started this one 3 times - the first two times were on the DPNs as the pattern instructed and the last time was on the circulars using the Magic Loop (thanks Heather!). All of my knitting on this over the weekend was ripped, but here is what the first medallion looks like today:
That's about halfway through the pattern.

There was just enough time before dinner to run over to the shop and peruse some yarn. What would a knitting retreat be without some stash enhancement anyway?

I found some Noro to start the Herringbone Block scarf (more will be required later, but the beauty of this piece is that you can use different color combinations). This Noro is Silk Garden.
And some yarn for a new shrug - Debbie Bliss Bolero Jacket:
Saturday dinner was fabulous - Heather did a great job blogging about the food, so please visit her site for in depth descriptions and pics. It was all yummy. So yummy, in fact, that I had no room for the free Dove bar Saturday night.

Sunday morning we had a short talk by Cornelia and I was inspired by several of her designs (IOW had to order yarn to make one of her designs, coming soon). She gave us a purse pattern and I stitched several rows, but haven't made a lot of progress.

I wish that I could say that the weekend was uneventful other than the above, but several of you know that I chased after Matthew McConaughey demonstrated my clumsiness and fell down the stairs and sprained both of my ankles. So, it's back to laying on the couch for me!


Jean in Georgia said...

Glad you had a great time and *finally* realized that stitching out of stash is futile! :)

TeresaB said...

How many times have I told you that when you chase after MC you must wear appropriate shoes. I know they wear heels on tv and in the movies and chase people but in real life that never works.

Hey, laying on the couch = knitting/stitching reading time!