Fat Tuesday of Stash Enhancing

Most of you know that I have given up stash enhancement for Lent. Earlier I posted that I would give it up from Feb 1 - Mar 31, but I slightly ammended those dates to be Feb 6 - March 24.

On Fat Tuesday, I made a "final" purchase and it arrived this weekend.

This is 6 skeins of Noro Aurora to eventually knit this. There is actually a metallic thread that runs through the entire skein, around the colored yarn. It's much easier to see the metallic thread in the garment picture - for some reason the camera just doesn't capture the sparkle of the yarn on the skein. It is Beautiful, though!!! I am looking forward to casting this on...someday. I did not purchase the Cash Iroha needed. Now that I have this yarn in my hand, I can try to find a good color match. I'm thinking of something in the teal/blue family. And then maybe when I can purchase it, I might have finished something else. What a thought!

My ankles are healing, still yellow/green/black/blue but the swelling is going down. I should have a ton of knitting to show for my time off my feet, but you'll have to wait for that. And I have a huge itch to stitch (ha, didn't mean to rhyme) but it is difficult to stitch while keeping your ankles higher than your heart. If you don't believe me, try it. Considering that I usually use a lapstand to hold my frame, it is even harder for me! But soon, soon....I hope. My JCS ornament is hollering at me.


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Yarn is majorly beautiful, as is the pattern you've picked to go with! :)