A Stitcher's Gathering - Louisville, KY

I spent a fabulous weekend in Louisville at A Stitcher's Gathering sponsored by Moss Creek Designs with friends and acquaintances. It started on Thursday and we were all excited to visit our favorite local restaurant Lynn's Paradise Cafe.

But suddenly the weather had other ideas... We entered the restaurant to the sound of the tornado sirens and had no sooner put our name in for a table when the manager informed us that there was a tornado warning and we must go to the basement. This was unexpected, but we made due and staved off hunger by sharing entrees with 30 or so complete strangers.

Judy and Heather making the best of it!

Ann and Teresa have scoped out the dessert rack in case of emergency.

Our time in the dungeon expired and the restaurant treated us to dinner. If you have never eaten at Lynn's (ha - most of you reading this were with me I know)...but the food is fantastic and the atmosphere unusual and memorable. Lynn's has an annual Ugly Lamp Contest and the decor includes many entrants.

Soon we were ordering!

...to be continued...


Kathe said...

Sounds like you stitchers had a fabulous time, tornado and all! Almost makes me wish I were a stitcher... but I'll have to live to be 328 to get all the knitting done as it is. ;o)

Jean in Georgia said...

Didn't I tell you people you should let me watch the Weather Channel???