And Mother Nature Laughed

It's Spring! It is!! The calendar says so! Easter is over, white shoes are acceptable and it is Spring!

But when I looked out the window at the office today, it was snowing. I live in Atlanta - the SOUTH and it was snowing today. Now, nothing stuck to the ground or even to the cars...but there was snow coming down.

You may not be able to tell from my writing, but I was not happy. This is seriously ruining my plans to wear sandals. Saturday was a beautiful day, sunny and in the 70's. Tonight we have a freeze warning. Mother Nature, much to my chagrin, does have a wicked sense of humor.


Jennie said...

WOW! In the north today (PA) it was sunny and close to 60 degrees! And they say global warming doesn't exist... something is going on!

Heather said...

If only it *were* global warming instead of local coldening!!!!! If it's freezing here, that's certainly not global! Something's going on all's called "Atlanta Weather"! Unfortunately, this is very normal behavior for March.

At least your manager didn't convince you to walk to lunch that day! Brrrrrrrrr!!