Finishes - Old and New

I can't explain the motivation, but something led me to get out these stitched pieces

Just Nan's Last Stitches of 1999


Just Nan's Evening Star

and finish the mounting and put them into frames. I know, I know...what a concept. Both pieces have been finished for years and I'm embarrassed to say that they had a long time to wait to be framed. They came out beautiful and I'm happy to have them hanging on the wall now.

Earlier this month I finished knitting my first sock

It was very fun and I've already started the one to match it - maybe by winter it will be finished!


Jean in Georgia said...

Yay!! A Blog Post!!!!

Congrats on the finishes. They look great!

TeresaB said...

The same thing that caused me to find frames for my long finished Last's time. Seriously, they both look fantastic. And the sock looks great too!

(But no notice of having shown up on the Yarn Harlot's blog?)